"Paolo Goltara: Passion and Feelings..."

Italian born artist who came to New York to capture it all — in film and in spirit.

- ADC, Art director Club of new york City.

Grand Central Terminal, 2017

18"X24" inches. | Ltd. Edition of 5, signed.


BURLESQUE #2, SOHO, 2015  //  Ltd. Edition of 13, signed.

BURLESQUE #5, SOHO, 2015  //  Ltd. Edition of 13, signed.

INTERIOR DESIGN... Inspiration

COLUMBIA TRIUMPHANT, CENTRAL PARK, 2017  //  Ltd. Edition of 5, signed.

THE DANCER, ROCKEFELLER CENTER, 2017 //  Ltd. Edition of 13, signed.

Ray Of Light, Broadway, 2017

11"X14" inches. | Ltd. Edition of 50, signed.

NYC Limited Edition is a contemporary fine art photography online gallery offering interesting signed limited edition art of New York City. Passion, Feelings, Time, Motion, Beauty...are the main elements at the base of our photos. It is committed to providing corporate, private and investment collectors a beautiful selection of modern art. The gallery is a long term ongoing project with new works being added over time.