"Paolo Goltara: Passion and Feelings..."

Italian born artist who came to New York to capture it all — in film and in spirit.

- ADC, Art director Club of new york City.

Grand Central Terminal, 2017

18"X24" inches. | Ltd. Edition of 5, signed.


BURLESQUE #2, SOHO, 2015  //  Ltd. Edition of 13, signed.

BURLESQUE #5, SOHO, 2015  //  Ltd. Edition of 13, signed.

INTERIOR DESIGN... Inspiration

COLUMBIA TRIUMPHANT, CENTRAL PARK, 2017  //  Ltd. Edition of 5, signed.

THE DANCER, ROCKEFELLER CENTER, 2017 //  Ltd. Edition of 13, signed.

THE CENTER, CENTRAL PARK 2012  //  Ltd. Edition of 5, signed.

NYC Limited Edition is a contemporary fine art photography online gallery offering interesting signed limited edition art of New York City. It is committed to providing corporate, private and investment collectors a beautiful selection of modern art. The gallery is a long term ongoing project with new works being added over time.