NYC Limited Edition is an “emotional path experienced” through photography capturing New York City in Film and Spirit.

"Dreams, Passion, Feelings, Hope, Time, Beauty: get to the heart of new york city."

NYC Limited Edition offers unique signed limited edition art of New York City. It is committed to providing corporate, private and investment collectors a beautiful selection of modern art.

The gallery is a long term ongoing project with new works being added over time.

Paolo Goltara - NYC Limited Edition- Contemporary Art - New York City.jpg


What It Feels Like Not What It Looks Like.”

- Paolo Goltara

"Paolo Goltara: Passion And Feelings..."

Italian Born Artist Who Came To New York To Capture It All — In Film And In Spirit.

- ADC, Art Director Club Of New York City.

Paolo Goltara is the Founder & Creator of NYC Limited Edition.

Paolo was born in Italy. He attended the European Institute of Design in Rome where he majored in Photography. After a brief experience as a photoreporter for the Italian Navy, his career in photography began as a fashion photographer collaborating with prestigious fashion magazines in Europe as Marie Claire, Elle, Cosmopolitan.

He presently lives in New York City. He say’s “ New York affords me the best opportunity to explore my love of photography in all it’s many forms. Dreams, Passion, Feelings, Time, Motion, Beauty... are the main elements at base of my artworks and of course at base of New York City life”.

With his fine art photography, he is trying to show the beauty and the energy that revolves around New York City, from a fresh new perspective.